Objectdatasource onupdating not firing

02-Mar-2018 07:40

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controls for the Update and Delete commands in a Form View (bound to an Object Data Source), and none of the Form View events would fire.The page would simply postback normally without triggering any events. NET (using 2.0 SP1), since normal Buttons work just fine in other data controls. *sigh* --Rolf Update: If you set the Button's Use Submit Behavior property to FALSE, it works!Actually, if you read more carefully you'll see that the behavior you desire is only defined for the Button class - not the Link Button class.If you use a Button instead of a Link Button it will work as documented. An image button got as far as the item command but never got to the Object Data Source updating event.One piece of additional information: certain bind fields in the formview's edit template are optionally set to invisible during the course of editing.I am not sure if invisible bind fields will lead to "ODS's do not match ODS Update Method's parameter"?NET is smart enough to do it for me automatically !! Supplement information: Upon clicking Edit Item Template's update link button: Item Command event is triggered, then return and goes no further. This is my foresaid work around solution: programmatically fill in datasource's parameters, when apparently ASP. However, I am still appreciate if anyone can explain this problem.Why isn't Form View's Item Updating event fired, when obviously link button's command name = "Update"? protected void Form View1_Item Command(object sender, Form View Command Event Args e) protected void Object Data Source1_Updating(object sender, Object Data Source Method Event Args e) protected void Object Data Source1_Inserting(object sender, Object Data Source Method Event Args e) private void set ODSParameter(Object Data Source Method Event Args e) Thanks for your suggestion, but I don't think it is a common practice to invoke ODS' update event manually.

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Perhaps your tboxes are in a table/panel/other container ?There are several ways to perform these operations, I am using the simplest approach.